Weixin Logistics Assistant (For Merchants)

With Logistics Assistant, developers in need of logistics can connect to multiple express companies quickly and efficiently and receive real-time express status via Weixin service notifications, which enhances the user experience.

Product Advantages

Mini Program developer

  1. Save development cost: Connect to multiple express companies via Weixin at a time, with an average of 1-2 weeks to adjust the API. This is much cheaper than connecting one express company at a time.
  2. Track orders in real time: Receive and track the latest router status by calling the API or via events.
  3. Increase user revisits: Key express status will be sent to the users via Weixin service notifications. The users can click to revisit Mini Program to view orders.
  4. Conducive to data protection: No need to worry about data penetration, facilitates protection and accumulation of your data;
  5. API is completely free: Express fee is charged when you sign up with the express company. Weixin does not charge express fees and API fees.


Checking express status: Users can receive express status of orders for which the logistic API is called in Weixin Mini Program via Weixin service notifications.

Mini Program Access Procedure

  1. Log in to Mini Program Admin Console, and click Logistics Assistant > Activate to activate the Logistics Assistant.
  2. Bind the account of the express company that has been partnered with you.
  3. Complete the API development according to this documentation.
  4. Call the Logistics Assistant API when placing an order.

Basic Information of Supported Express Companies

Express Company Name Express Company ID Service Type ID and Name Pay-In-Advance BizID under Pay-In-Advance Express Mode
Best Logistics BEST 1 (Standard Express Delivery) No - Franchise
Deppon Express DB 1 (3.60 Heavy Cargo Express Service)
2 (Special Express Service)
Yes DB_CASH Regular chain
EMS EMS 6 (Standard Express Delivery)
9 (Expedited Parcel)
No - Regular chain
OTP Express OTP 1 (Standard Express Delivery) Yes OTP_CASH Regular chain
Pinjun Express PJ 1 (Standard Express Delivery) Yes PJ_CASH Regular chain
SF Express SF 0 (Standard Express Delivery) (If there is no special type specified, select 0)
1 (SF Same Day Delivery)
2 (SF Next Day Delivery)
3 (SF Standard Delivery)
4 (SF Preference)
Yes SF_CASH Regular chain
STO Express STO 1 (Standard Express Delivery) No - Franchise
YTO Express YTO 0 (Ordinary Delivery Service)
1 (Yuanzhida)
No - Franchise
Yunda Express YUNDA 0 (Standard Express Delivery) No - Franchise
ZTO Express ZTO 0 (Standard Express Delivery) No - Franchise

Printing Waybill

After placing an order, the Mini Program developer can select the following methods to print the electronic waybill:

  1. Install Weixin Waybill Printing software for PC;
  2. Pull the electronic waybill html via getOrder and print it with a thermal printer;
  3. Use the API of the express company;
  4. Pull the waybill_data of the electronic waybill via getOrder, and then create and print the waybill.

Contact Us

Any questions encountered during development of this API can be raised to the Weixin Developers Community, and we will assign someone to answer them as soon as possible. Click here to enter the Community.

When raising questions to the Community, it is recommended that you use the following format:

  1. Title: Please start with [Logistics Assistant]
  2. Body: For development questions, please provide the API calling timepoint, request data (note data privacy) and return results, so that we can locate the problem.